Marriage is the desire of two to create one

The creation of a unique concept for each wedding is, for me, essential. I like to have challenges; to work in places that are out of the ordinary - a little wild and unknown – that can be transformed into a fairytale universe by my innovation. I am a perfectionist regarding the execution and organization of these events, which often take place in rare and glamorous sites: in the humidity of the Mexican forest, the elegance of a Florentine museum, the sapphire blue of a Greek villa; in a vintage greenhouse or on a boat. Each of my productions must contain the "Ali Bakhtiar Designs wow effect” which transmits happiness and a sort of grace, and which follows the couple’s wishes while surprising them at every stage of the design. It is their day, and it must be simply perfect, imbued with fantasy and love.

With my team, we design all the details of the wedding: the personalized creation of a splendid and unique dress for the bride, the jewelry for an unforgettable day, the bridesmaids’ outfits, and suggestions for gifts for the guests. The success of my creations is due to my passion for beauty, elegance, and absolute aestheticism, paired with a choice of spaces, perfumes, colors, lights, and sounds. A setting of excellence; a place of magic and glamour: all this gives rise to an unforgettable experience which respects the inspirations and demands of the bride and groom while also respecting local traditions. With me, nothing is impossible, ever.