The multifaceted designer, who specializes in bespoke floral design and in making the impossible possible, is a must-have for celebrities and royalty. Discover the latest news about Ali Behnam Bakhtiar by visiting the Vogue magazine page.

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Iranian-born designer Ali Behnam Bakhtiar creates your interiors, architectural projects, and your events. Whether for a large-scale concept or a private home, plane or castle, his designs cover the extravagant to the minimalist with unparalleled flair and imagination, bringing his clients' ideas to life. Torri Mundell reports.

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Exp Exchange

With a theme of whites and crystals, the Venetian carousel, the 1500 square feet of stage built over the water, 1000 guests, Bahrain was transformed into a magical spectacle.

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Certainly, you have already admired Ali Behnam Bakhtiar's creations. The beauty of an intimate ceremony in a floating garden on the Adriatic Sea, the originality of a floral dinner in Jaipur, the wonder of a wedding in the Slovenian forest, or even the divorce party he organized on a huge cargo ship in the Atlantic Ocean have no secrets for you. Visit the link.

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Vanity Fair

Ali Behnam Bakhtiar studied architecture, interior design, and fashion, which launched his career. He honed his talents by working with John Galliano at Dior, Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel, and Christian La Croix, before founding his own brands.

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Design Innovator - Lux Feature

Explore Ali Behnam-Bakhtiar's creative design fusion, merging tradition with modernity in architecture and interiors, as profiled by Lux Magazine

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Luxurious Events & Weddings - Monaco

Discover Ali Bakhtiar Designs' excellence in creating opulent weddings and events that redefine luxury, as celebrated in Monaco.

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Masterful Events & Interiors

Delve into Ali Bakhtiar Designs' expertise in luxurious event planning and interior design, with a full suite of in-house services.

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Designer Extraordinaire for Weddings & Interiors

Step into the world of Ali Behnam-Bakhtiar, where each design transforms royal and celebrity events into bespoke, unforgettable experiences. Explore his award-winning and philanthropic journey.

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Exquisite Wedding Planning

Craft your dream wedding in Dubai with Ali Bakhtiar Designs, known for their unparalleled commitment to perfection in wedding planning and design.

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Bespoke Wedding & Interior Elegance

Immerse in the exclusive world of Ali Bakhtiar Designs, where fashion and design expertise blend to craft personalized, eco-friendly weddings and interiors.

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Transforming Visions into Spectacular Realities

Ali Bakhtiar Designs delivers unparalleled event planning and interior design, specializing in exclusive events and bespoke interiors for a discerning global clientele.

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Where Customization Meets Tradition and Innovation

Ali Bakhtiar Designs excels in blending traditional aesthetics with avant-garde innovation in event planning and architectural design.

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Dubai's Premier Wedding Planners

Experience the pinnacle of wedding elegance with Ali Bakhtiar Designs in Dubai, where your dream event is crafted to perfection.

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Master of Dreamlike Designs and Spaces

Explore the visionary world of Ali Behnam-Bakhtiar, a designer renowned for his extraordinary interiors, architectural projects, and lavish event planning, blending traditional and modern aesthetics.

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Elegance & Excellence in Event Planning

Discover Ali Bakhtiar Designs for exclusive wedding and event planning services that promise elegance, personalization, and impeccable design.

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Redefining Sustainable Luxury Design

Discover how designer Ali Behnam-Bakhtiar pioneers the homes of the future with sustainable luxury and innovative material use.

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Innovating Security for Global Elite

Explore Ali Bakhtiar's unique security solutions for valuables and art, designed for the nomadic lifestyle of the affluent.

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Custodian of Customization & Celebration

Ali Bakhtiar Designs masters the art of customization in luxury event and space design, blending tradition with avant-garde

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Architectural Luminary & Design Visionary

Ali Behnam Bakhtiar, a visionary in architecture and design, unveils his journey and bespoke services on the French Riviera.

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Crafting Fairytale Events Worldwide

Step into the dreamlike events and luxurious interiors designed by Ali Behnam Bakhtiar, catering to an elite global clientele.

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Synonym of Opulence in Weddings & Events

Ali Behnam Bakhtiar, renowned for his class and style, elevates weddings and events to an art form. His career spans over two decades, during which the wedding industry has evolved significantly, a journey paralleled by his personal and professional growth. He manages a cohesive team that bridges architecture, interior design, and event planning. His vision for the industry emphasizes individuality, steering away from the standardized to the bespoke. With a track record of award-winning events, his designs manifest as a confluence of his artistic vision and client dreams.

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The Architect of Dream Weddings

Ali Behnam Bakhtiar, a prominent interior designer turned luxury wedding designer, has flourished in the industry for over 20 years. Originally based in the UAE, Ali Bakhtiar Designs, now headquartered in France, delivers personalized and unique designs globally. With a background in fashion and interior design, Bakhtiar undertakes exclusive projects, from redesigning castles to constructing residences on private islands. In 2021, anticipate transformative designs reflecting Bakhtiar's personal growth.

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Shaping Dreams into Luxurious Realities

Ali Benham-Bakhtiar, through ALI BAKHTIAR DESIGNS, has crafted a legacy in transforming grand visions into stunning realities. His 25-year journey began with event organization and expanded into architecture and interior design. Renowned for orchestrating high-profile weddings and state events, his expertise now extends to luxury real estate. With an empire spanning twenty countries, and recent expansions in France and Ireland, Ali is a testament to dedication and skill, affirming his influence in the luxury market and making a remarkable impact at the Cannes Film Festival with the iconic DE GRISOGOGNO gala.

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Elegance in Design Personified

Ali Bakhtiar Designs is lauded for its intricate and exquisite event designs that capture the essence of luxury. Celebrated for precise detailing and delicate finesse, each piece is crafted with a focus that demands the viewer's full attention. The use of crystals and precise cutouts in Ali Bakhtiar's work reflects a dedication to quality and fine craftsmanship, evoking a sense of delicate grandeur. The designs are not just decor; they are a celebration of sophistication, perfect for enjoying with a relaxing afternoon tea.

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Harmonizing Elegance and Nature

Explore Ali Behnam Bakhtiar's unique interiors that blend Northern values with Southern warmth, embodying elegance and ecological awareness.

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Persian Wedding Anniversary at Four Seasons Riviera

The Chromata Films blog captures the essence of a magnificent Persian wedding anniversary event orchestrated by the famed designer Ali Bakhtiar. Set against the luxurious backdrop of the Four Seasons Hotel on the French Riviera, the event exemplified opulence and bespoke elegance. While specific details are kept private, the blog post alludes to a grand celebration, replete with panoramic Mediterranean vistas and expert collaboration from renowned industry professionals.

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Designing Dreams in Dubai's Wedding Scene

Ali Bakhtiar has been redefining the event management industry for over 20 years with his exceptional design skills. Specializing in the most lavish weddings of the elite, his company, Ali Bakhtiar Designs, caters to a discerning clientele. With a reputation for perfection, Ali Bakhtiar ensures each wedding is a personalized, intricately designed spectacle, renowned for his breathtaking floral arrangements and aesthetic precision that leave a lasting impression on all attendees.

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Celebrated Wedding Planner Wins DWP Award

Ali Bakhtiar Designs, a leader in luxury events planning, triumphs at the DWP ACE Awards, highlighting two decades of unwavering commitment to excellence. Renowned globally, Ali Bakhtiar's meticulous attention to detail and extravagant designs shine in opulent Gulf celebrations and grand projects across India, Asia, and Europe. This award not only acknowledges past accomplishments but also emphasizes Ali Bakhtiar's dedication to setting the gold standard in luxury event planning. Cheers to more years of extraordinary celebrations!

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Emaar Wedding Fair: A Showcase of Ali Bakhtiar Designs

Ali Bakhtiar Designs, at the Emaar Wedding Fair, mesmerized with opulent bridal chairs and grand entrances, setting a new standard for wedding aesthetics. Synonymous with luxury, the brand redefined benchmarks at this premier wedding planning destination. A beacon of inspiration, Ali Bakhtiar Designs left an indelible mark on the industry, showcasing a perfect blend of opulence and creativity.

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Residences Decoration

Renowned for harmonizing the serene values of the North with the vibrant colors of the South, Ali Behnam Bakhtiar redefines luxury interior design. Drawing inspiration from nature, his bespoke creations are not just spaces but narratives of elegance and sophistication. Each project, whether it's a villa decoration or an unforgettable event, is a testament to his philosophy of integrating natural beauty with human artistry.

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