Interior Designs

As an interior designer, I seamlessly merge luxury and functionality, prioritizing light, noble materials, elegant furniture arrangements, and personalized decorations. Collaboration starts with understanding your tastes. I provide a dynamic 3D concept, adaptable to your feedback.

My role goes beyond service; it's crafting an experience from space selection to final delight. I'm committed to infusing purpose into beautiful spaces through a meticulous design process, transforming desires into awe-inspiring environments for residences, yachts, or jets. Constant communication ensures your vision enhances. The final product reflects your lifestyle and aspirations, crafting a narrative of satisfaction, joy, and timeless beauty.

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I am deeply involved in every aspect of your project, sourcing exclusive properties worldwide that exceed expectations and align with budgets. Following meticulous assessments, we delve into technical studies, material selections, and furniture curation for personalized projects. As the installation conductor, I guide technology choices and streamline administrative processes for hassle-free experiences.

Our commitment to quality is reinforced through rigorous property tests by seasoned experts. As an interior designer, I commit to crafting environments that resonate with your ideal home vision. Our international team passionately explores diverse locations, seeking properties that transform residences into havens. Witnessing clients step into meticulously crafted homes fulfills our personalized approach.

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Ali Bakhtiar Designs, in collaboration with leading international shipyards, excels in crafting yachts that seamlessly blend exquisite aesthetics with practicality. Specializing in motor, sailing, and electric vessels, our global network facilitates the production of boats ranging from iconic Rivas to limitless-length classics. Merging cutting-edge technology with timeless materials, we create a luxurious yachting ambiance, transcending traditional maritime experiences.

Our dedication extends to achieving the perfect balance of splendor, innovation, and spatial design, tailored to your unique aspirations. Beyond design, we embrace the yachting lifestyle, offering opulent furnishings, advanced navigation, and collaboration with renowned shipyards. Join us in a journey where each wave whispers luxury, redefining maritime magnificence with Ali Bakhtiar Designs.

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Private Jets

Ali Bakhtiar Designs redefines aviation, turning ordinary planes into personalized sanctuaries. As a visionary in aircraft design, I'm deeply involved in every stage, ensuring precision. Choosing my services isn't just a transport investment; it's a journey of exclusivity. Safety is paramount, with strict adherence to regulations. My approach blends functionality and style, creating a unique experience. Trust Ali Bakhtiar Designs to turn your aviation fantasies into a tangible reality, celebrating luxury where passion meets precision.

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Garden Design

Our ethos centers on transforming outdoor spaces into captivating havens, seamlessly blending artistry with nature. Each project, whether an intimate flower-filled terrace or a historical park, reflects our dedication to excellence and sustainable development. In collaboration with landscape architect Patrick Pottier, we draw on experience from Europe's castle gardens, infusing projects with timeless design.

From conceptualization to implementation, our process prioritizes personalized service and meticulous attention to detail, bringing gardens to life. We believe a landscape's success lies in its enduring beauty, achieved through sustainable practices and a deep respect for nature. Choose our services for a collaborative journey, creating landscapes that inspire and endure for generations.

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Ali Bakhtiar Designs designs around the world and leads the design world, as evidenced by the awards it has received. With the different perspective it brings to design, it also develops each design idea itself.