Ali Bakhtiar Designs designs around the world and leads the design world, as evidenced by the awards it has received. With the different perspective it brings to design, it also develops each design idea itself.

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Join our big world wide design journey and have fun with the provided global luxury events by Ali Bakhtiar Designs. Organize your corporate and private events with your dreams.

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Ali Bakhtiar Designs, a leader in wedding craftsmanship, excels in creating unique concepts for each celebration in unconventional settings, transforming locations like Mexican forests and Florentine museums into enchanting canvases. The hallmark "Ali Bakhtiar Designs wow effect" ensures couples' desires are met with surprising elements, from personalized bridal attire to curated jewelry and memorable guest gifts. Rooted in a passion for beauty, elegance, and aestheticism, each wedding becomes a masterpiece, reflecting the couple's dreams. The approach involves understanding the couple's narrative, resulting in a cohesive and meaningful experience. Bakhtiar's vision encompasses all senses, creating a multisensory celebration. Committed to innovation, Ali Bakhtiar Designs ensures each wedding surpasses expectations, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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The meticulous art of crafting wedding stationery begins with personalized monograms, threading consistently through invitations to thank-you cards. Our team collaborates to create designs aligning with individual styles and wedding themes, exploring trendy to classic options. Quality paper selection is pivotal, serving as an elegant gesture that sets the tone for the celebration. Beyond traditional components, innovative touches like customized menus and programs enhance the overall experience. The consultation process fosters collaboration, translating visions into tangible designs. Our goal is not merely delivering stationery but creating a narrative, with each piece unfolding as the event approaches. Wedding stationery becomes a work of art, contributing to an extraordinary celebration.

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Ali Behnam-Bakhtiar revolutionizes hospitality with a holistic approach, transforming over 20 luxury hotels worldwide. His touch goes beyond aesthetics, involving space rejuvenation and complete metamorphosis. Ali Bakhtiar Designs crafts seamless designs, personalizing facades, selecting linen, and orchestrating cohesive atmospheres for an immersive guest experience. The dynamism extends to temporary decoration, ensuring spaces stay captivating. In event organization, the company excels, blending hotel identity with occasion specifics. Ali Behnam-Bakhtiar's legacy lies not just in physical transformations but in lasting impressions,

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Our luxury concierge service caters to discerning individuals and professionals globally, offering an immersive, transformative experience. From real estate acquisitions to event planning, we redefine luxury living with meticulous expertise. Specializing in yachting and rare automobiles, we orchestrate flawless weddings and themed dinners. Our service is an immersive journey, blending dedication, attention to detail, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Elevate your lifestyle with us, where every request is met with creativity, enthusiasm, and unwavering commitment. Experience luxury redefined, where true indulgence meets unparalleled service, always and everywhere.

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Art and Antiques

Ali Bakhtiar Design invites you on an enchanting journey through the world of antiques and art. As guardians of refined taste, we curate a collection that transcends objects, becoming an integral part of life's narrative. Picture a sanctuary where every piece, from collectible furniture to paintings and sculptures, is a living testament to craftsmanship and expression. Our eclectic selection spans from antiquities to contemporary art, weaving a rich tapestry of human creativity. Meticulous custodians of art, we confirm authenticity with precision, dedicated to fulfilling unique client desires. Ali Bakhtiar Design: where each piece unfolds a narrative, celebrating the art of living.

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