Ali Behnam Bakhtiar

Ali Behnam Bakhtiar, born into the aristocracy of Tehran, is an artist with a story marked by resilience and excellence. Exiled to Paris after the 1978 Iranian Revolution, Bakhtiar's life reflects a narrative deeply tied to family history, embracing cultural and historical themes in his art and design.

Establishing his haute couture brand in 1996 and Ali Bakhtiar Designs in 1997, he gained recognition for luxury interior design and wedding events. Committed to eco-friendly practices and social responsibility, his collaborations capture the essence of his work. Bakhtiar's design philosophy blends tradition and avant-garde creativity, creating timeless expressions in wedding events and beyond.

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Ali Behnam-Bakhtiar, sustainable design and global luxury brands' influential figure, showcases a visionary approach to fashion. His commitment to environmental conservation and philanthropy is reflected in initiatives like establishing a wildlife sanctuary, embodying a dedication to a sustainable and compassionate future.

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