Corporate Events

We stand out in the intricate landscape of event planning with our expertise, ensuring flawless management of each event as an interactive journey. Our extensive experience, ranging from global congresses to intimate Christmas dinners, is showcased through successful collaborations with prestigious brands like De Grisogono and Influencers Awards.

Our customer-centric approach, commitment to transforming every event into a unique experience, and the artistic touch of our creative leader Ali Behnam-Bakhtiar elevate events from ordinary to works of art. With a pledge to lead in uniqueness, creativity, and flawless execution, we are here to turn your next corporate event into an unforgettable success.

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Private Events

Ali Bakhtiar Designs, under Ali Behnam Bakhtiar's visionary leadership, excels in private event organization for three decades. The company turns client dreams into realities with meticulous attention to detail, from venue selection to flawless execution. Events, whether grand or intimate, benefit from the team's boundless creativity and experience.

Ali Behnam Bakhtiar's unique talent drives innovation, pushing event planning boundaries. Beyond logistics, the focus remains on crafting lasting memories. With a 30-year legacy, Ali Bakhtiar Designs stands as a global leader, where every occasion becomes a masterpiece and a journey of discovery.

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Destination Events

Travel and Festivity Unite in Unforgettable Experiences:

Pioneers in celebration curation, we introduce a paradigm that blends travel and festivity seamlessly. From opulent gala dinners on the Orient Express to fairy-tale weddings in Tuscany, our events transcend boundaries. We meticulously orchestrate details, ensuring seamless travel, awe-inspiring locations, and flawless operations.

Our commitment extends beyond planning to crafting transformative experiences, turning celebrations into lifetime highlights. Imagine guests escaping reality for a fantasy-filled adventure, with flexible settings like vineyard weddings in Tuscany. Each event is a masterpiece, a dedication to turning dreams into extraordinary realities, where joy takes center stage.

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Join our big world wide design journey and have fun with the provided global luxury events by Ali Bakhtiar Designs. Organize your corporate and private events with your dreams.