Posted in News on Jun 06, 2024, 0 Comments, by Ali Bakhtiar Designs
Ali Behnam-Bakhtiar stands out in the world of design for his innovative application of traditional materials and his focus on sustainability without compromising aesthetics. In the Authority Magazine interview, he discusses his unique approach to creating homes of the future, using unexpected materials in novel ways, and integrating technology to enhance living spaces. He emphasizes water and energy efficiency, with a particular appreciation for smart homes and the integration of solar technology. His vision extends to creating pet-friendly environments and selecting materials that respond to climate challenges. Behnam-Bakhtiar's philosophy is rooted in quality and exceeding expectations, which has naturally attracted clients and built trust, minimizing the need for marketing. His career trajectory, from fashion to interior design and high-end event planning, showcases his ability to craft multi-dimensional stories through his designs. He credits his team's family-like dynamic for his success and maintains a deep belief in the power of positive intention and community contribution. For more in-depth insights, please refer to the full article on Medium here.